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The act of cleansing the stomach with the help of the catheter of a higher number by passing it through the mouth slowly till the stomach so that the acidic water waste is ejected out. The traditional way of  Danda Dhauti is to insert a soft stick, stem of a banana but nowadays this technique is used to perform with a catheter. 


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Danda Dahuti

Danda dhauti or Dand dhoti is a yogic purification technique designed to remove excess bile from the stomach and excess mucus. Traditionally, danda dhauti was performed by threading a lotus or banana stem down the throat. While that method is still used, the modern way of practicing danda dhauti is to use a catheter.

Danda is the sanskrit word for cloth dhauti means cl dhauti is another cleansing kriya specifically mean to clean the stomach.Danda dhauti is one of three types of hrida dhauti (heart or thoracic cleansing), the others being: vastra dhauti, in which a thin strip of cloth is swallowed, and vaman dhauti, which is the drinking of saline water followed by regurgitation.

In addition to removing bile and mucus, danda dhauti is believed to reduce acidity and other digestive issues and to improve bad breath. It is traditionally practiced in utkatasana (crow pose).

Dand Dhauti steps Steps :

  • When the head is raised to a particular position, the oesophagus straightens.
  • As may be seen in circus performances, some people can insert a sword inside the throat.
  • Similarly a hatha yogi inserts the stem and keep holding
  • While retaining the breath inside, the rod is inserted as deeply as possible and slowly rotated.
  • This may induce the desire to vomit, but do not do so.
  • Instead the stem is removed and the mucus and other waste matter are spat out.
  • In order to do this Practice, breath retention must first be perfected.
  • As long as one is breathing in and out, this Practice cannot be done because the throat and windpipe will be moving.
  • The rod is inserted only while retaining the breath.


  • Always perform this technique with an empty stomach.
  • This Kriya should be learned only under the guidance of an experienced teacher (guru).
  • It should not practice as a regular practice.
  • Do under supervision of a yoga expert.


  • This technique is good to take out the bile or mucus from the stomach.
  • This cleansing technique is good against bad mouth odor.
  • Good for acidity and other digestive complaints.
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