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Eye Wash Cup

Clear Transparency 100% Safe for eyes All Smooth edges Fits with eye contour smoothly Set of 2 Eye Wash cups: For Hassle-free, Tidy and effective eye cleansing; Hygienic Material: High-Grade Plastic; Size: 2inch X 1 inch; Easy to clean eyes from heat loose lashes & debris Proper Cupping of eyes; Each cup holds approx 10ml of water or prescribed liquid; Strong, Unbreakable

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Eye Wash Cup - An eye wash cup for eye wash is a first-aid device designed to administer eye cleansing to the user's eye in order to flush out trapped particles, chemical compounds that have been splashed into the eye, or wash away dried mucus or secretions. Buy online if you do not have one. It's just like you feel near me. We would like to recommend you that check price before the purchase. There are lots of discounts for you. Our product is better than patanjali.

We probably all know how annoying and irritating eye discomfort can be, but many of us neglect to give our eyes the right care and attention sometimes. When you feel your eye is irritated, your initial impulse may be to rub it, hoping the initial pain or irritation will go away. However, this action could cause physical damage, as it could simply rub in the irritant and scratch your eye. eye cup for eye wash

One easy, straightforward solution that can help eye discomfort, is to do an Eye Wash/Netra Shuddhi.

Netra Shuddhi is an ancient yoga practice of cleansing the eye, this amazing yoga cleansing technique of “Netra Shuddhi” is a natural, chemical-free method that removes burning and tiredness of eyes and gives a fresh feeling to eyes with the help of eye cleaning cup. It rinses out dirt, irritants, and other foreign pollutants from the eyes, leaving the eyes clean and eyesight sharp. It relaxes the eyes and strengthens the eyes.

Benefits of Eye Wash/Netra Shuddhi using Eye Cleaning Cup

  • Eye wash cup ayurveda cleanses the eye thoroughly
  • Relieves tension/eye strain in the eyeballs
  • Soothes watery and sore eyes
  • Useful in treating myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia, and headache
  • Improves eyesight thus helps to control the increase of spectacle numbers
  • vintage eye wash cup increases blood supply to the eyes and the optic nerves
  • Increases blood circulation around eyes which helps in diminution of dark circles
  • Helpful for tired or puffy eyes, irritation of the eyes, redness of eyes, and watering of eyes
  • plastic eye wash cup relieves the headache caused due to problems with the eyes or stressed eyes
  • Insomnia can also be eased as this eye exercise gives the eyes rest and they get something like a workout during cleaning the eyes with waters which prepares them to relax
  • Counteracts various eye disorders such as glaucoma, blepharitis, conjunctivitis (pink eye), and sties

Doing eye wash using eye wash cup has a lot of benefits for people of various fields and interests:

Eye Cleaning Cup For Students: 

  • They can study longer and better with relaxed eyes
  • IT Professionals/ Executives: They can work better and longer on a laptop/ PC
  • Readers of Books/Elderly: Improves reading and reduces tiredness of eyes
  • Drivers: Driving with relaxed eyes will reduce accidents with better visibility

Limitations of Eye Cleaning Cup:

Don’t do it if you have wounds in your eyes or just had surgery at your eyes.

How to use an eye cleaning cup?

1. Place eye cleaning cup at eye level on a table
2. Fill up with normal temperature clean water
3. Add one small pinch of iodine-free salt or medicated solution as recommended by the doctor
4. Hold both open eyes into the water
5. Rotate eyeball clockwise/ anti-clockwise or blink 10 times
6. Repeat it 2 to 3 times a day

Our eye wash cup offer better quality than eye wash cup patanjali because it's made with surgical grade material

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