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  • Adjustable trataka candle stand has wooden rosewood finishing

  • Convenient for travelling

  • Easy adjusting mechanism

  • Pleasing and Decorative tool for Trataka

  • Stand is a unique candle holder and specially designed for Candle Gazing

  • Easy adjusting mechanism

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Adjustable Candle stand for trataka - Meditation

Trataka or 3rd eye is a form of meditation also known as ‘concentrated gazing’ and called tratakam. It is most commonly referred to as ‘candle gazing’. Trataka is originally one of the shatkarmas, or ‘six actions’ used to cleanse the internal organs. This technique was first used to cleanse the mind of distractions and promote focussed concentration, as well as strengthening the muscles of the eyes. The six shatkarmas were undertaken in preparation for the practice of yoga, and the path to liberation or moksha.

When it comes to practicing meditation, there are many ways to do it. Whether its Buddhist-influenced breath-focused meditation, Vedic meditation with a mantra, mindfully observing your bodily sensations, or visualisation; Each comes with its own benefits and unique approach.

Tratak or trataka involves looking into the heart of a candle flame for as long as possible without blinking, and eventually holding the image of the flame in the mind’s eye when the eyes do close. When looking into the flame, practitioners’ eyes would start to water. This was said to clean and purify them, leaving the eyes clear and bright. The practice dates back to at least the 15th century, and can be found in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, which introduces two different types of tratak; Bahiranga Trataka or ‘external concentrated gazing’ and Antaranga Trataka or ‘internal concentrated gazing’.

Trataka Meditation Benefits

Candle gazing can be a very efficient way to practice meditation and is a great option for those who struggle to stop their mind wandering. That’s because by keeping the eyes open and having an animated object to focus on it is easier to stay focused and enter a state of pure awareness, as we aim to in transcendental meditation.

  • Improves vision/eyesight
  • Eye meditation builds focus
  • Improves concentration and memory
  • Enhances patience and willpower
  • Improves productivity
  • Calms the mind and promoting inner peace
  • 3rd eye meditation builds clarity and decision making
  • Provides stress and anxiety relief
  • Deepens sleep and helps sleep related disorders
  • Strengthens intuition and clairvoyance

Practice of Trataka Stand :

  • Light the candle and place it at eye level, ensuring it does not flicker
  • Sit in a comfortable meditative posture with the hands on the knees in jnana or chin mudra. Set an intention or simply breathe slowly to relax the body and develop stillness
  • Close the eyes, and eventually open them, gazing at the centre of the candle flame, just above the wick. Try to keep the eyes steady without blinking.
  • Gaze for as long as possible without straining the eyes, and then close them when you need to
  • With the eyes closed, turn the gaze up to the centre of the eyebrows. Try to keep the image of the flame in your awareness for as long as possible, focussing upon it and studying any colours that may appear
  • When the image eventually disappears, repeat the process, continuing for 5-10 minutes
  • If the mind wanders, focus upon the breath, imagining the breath flowing in and out of the eyebrow centre.

Finish will adorn your yoga and meditation corner

Selecting a trataka candle stand :

While you can meditation with any candle, selecting candles of specific colors can influence your meditation and influence qualities of the self. Depending on your goals, you may find meditation with a candle of a specific color will increase the effectiveness of your meditation. When buying candles, pay attention to what the candles are made from and avoid any candles that contain toxic substances. Soy wax or beeswax candles are non-toxic and burn longer than other candle types.

Here are the qualities of different colors:
White – Purity, clarity, innocence, simplicity, completion
Gold – Abundance, prosperity, wealth, spirituality
Violet – Commitment, reverence, higher consciousness
Indigo – Imagination, insight, wisdom, clarity of thought
Blue – Creativity, self expression, communication, relaxation, trust
Turquoise – Independence, protection, healing
Green – Forgiveness, compassion, inspiration, hope, love, freedom, healing
Yellow – Ambition, inner power, self esteem, self respect, self discipline, confidence, courage, generosity
Orange – Sensuality and sexual energy, freindship, optimism, happiness
Red – Courage, strength, vitality, survival, family bonding
Pink – Empathy, loyatly

Tips For Trataka Concentration:

  • TRATAKAM is best practiced on an empty stomach during early-morning hours or late evening hours just before going to bed. If you practice it during the daytime, make sure that the room is dark so that focusing on the flame is easier.
  •  Try getting a decent sized flame by adjusting the size of the wick. It will help in achieving a better after-image of the flame and it will be easier to visualize it with improved concentration.
  •  Do not strain your eyes while gazing on the flame. The eyes adjust naturally in due course of time and it becomes easier to concentrate and gaze on the flame for longer periods of time.
  •  Because TRATAKAM develops deep focus and concentration, it is used as a very effective pre-meditation stage. At the end of the TRATAKAM routine, you may continue with your own LAYA YOGA meditation.

This technique was used by the ancient priestesses in Egypt, gazing into a bowl of still-water.

Two techniques of TRATAKAM are offered by the yogi sages: Bahiranga – outer gazing and Antranga – inward gaze. The technique of outer gazing further develops your spiritual powers.

The physical side effects are an improvement or correction for short sightedness.
 It has the wonderful effect of calming your mind, removing anxiety, by bringing a stilling of the mind so that a wondrous relaxation steals over your whole body.

Shanti Gowans in her book Calm the Mind tells us: “This training in one pointedness of the mind is the first step in learning not to cling. The goal of meditation is to free awareness from its identification with your senses and thoughts. So freed awareness permeates everything but clings to nothing. So practice one-pointedness (TRATAKAM) and the exclusion of all other considerations, even when these considerations happen to be enticing.”
 Shanti also says: “The eyes are doorways to the mind, and intimately related to it. When the eyes are fixed and unmoving, the mind also becomes the same and the thinking process automatically ceases as concentration increases and deepens.”

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