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Iyengar Yoga Chairs can be used by any level of yoga practitioner. It helps to learn and deepen countless different yoga poses. The yoga Chair is a classic prop for a yoga practice. Along with the yoga chair other props are used widely in some schools of modern yoga as a exercise. Yoga chair is used to perform an effective rotation in seated twists. It helps to support upper body in backbends, stand pose, in Viparit Karani and supported shoulder stand yoga pose(Sarvangasana), and in many other asanas. This meditation chair is made of high-quality metal and foldable chair. It has high quality matt finish and chair folding also quite smooth.

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Iyengar Yoga Chair for Stress Relief

Chair yoga is a gentle form of practice that can be done sitting in a iyengar yoga chair, or standing using a meditation chair for support. The poses or asanas are typically modified to be accessible to people who cannot stand, lack the mobility to move easily from standing to seated to supine positions or want a quick break from office work.

The practice of chair yoga is very adaptable to people of different needs. Whether you are immobile or have a physical injury or mental illness such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, this form of yoga is suitable for everyone.

Benefits of Chair Yoga

Yoga has been shown to improve overall health, prevent and (even in some cases) reverse disease when practiced regularly as a lifestyle. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that it can therefore lend its benefits to those with mobility issues. Here are some of them:

1. Improved Strength

This means that elderly people will be better able to continue with hobbies and daily activities independently for many more years to come. If they are unlucky enough to suffer a fall or injury, a strong body will be able to withstand this better and sustain fewer injuries.

2. Improved Flexibility

Chair yoga can help those with mobility issues to undertake activities that they have perhaps been unable to, such as reaching down to tie shoe laces or pick things up.

3. Improved proprioception

Proprioception is the skill of knowing where your body is in space, and coordinating your movements accurately. This is particularly important for elderly people and can prevent falls. For people with disabilities or conditions such as MS, it may mean having greater control over your body and its movements.

4. Reduced stress and improved mental clarity

Chair yoga can lessen the impact of chronic illnesses and pain. For elderly people, it may also help them cope with feelings of isolation, if this is a problem. Being calmer and more relaxed inevitably leads to a greater feeling of happiness and well-being, which everyone can benefit from!

5. Opportunities to meet people and socialize

Joining chair yoga classes for those with mobility issues and the elderly will also give them a venue to socialize and make friends. However, it’s important that you choose an appropriate class so that the instructor will have specific knowledge about what is appropriate for you to do—they’ll be able to suitably adapt the exercises.

6. Improved stress and pain management

Chair yoga (and yoga in general, really) includes breath work, which can help people not only with stress management but also for coping and managing pain. Through meditation and paying attention to your breath, you can help your body and mind to cope with the pain of an illness or condition you may suffer with.

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