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Regular Price: ₹340.00

Special Price ₹230.00

Yoga straps are made of non-elastic cotton or nylon and come in a variety of colors. They usually run six feet in length; however, there are options of eight to 10 feet for those with longer legs or torsos. Many of these straps come with a buckle fastener or D-ring on one end. The reason for this is to be able to create a loop and use the strap in a variety of ways. For example: to allow a yogi to place a foot in one end while the other end is held in their hand.

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Iyengar Yoga Belt - Cotton Strap for stretching 

Yoga Belts are mainly used for stretching so that users achieve wide range of motion. Even people who stretch their legs while doing sitting poses can benefit from these straps.Yoga straps are a popular and useful tool that can offer help to yogis of all levels. One of the most common uses for a yoga strap is to help get into and maintain challenging poses that might otherwise be out of reach.

A few popular poses for straps are:

  • Natarajasana (dancer's pose)
  • Supta baddha konasana (reclining bound angle pose)
  • Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend)
  • Ardha chandrasana A (sideway stretch)
  • Supta padangusthasana (reclined hamstring stretch)
  • Urdhva dhanurasana (wheel pose)
  • Utthita hasta padangusthasana (extended hand-to-big-toe pose)

Strap Features:

  • Made of high quality Cotton belt with Double Metal D ring buckle
  • Eco friendly and compact packaging so you can easily carry in your yoga class or yoga studio.
  • Perform yoga stretching strap with multi loop
  • Extra thickness for yoga poses
  • Machine washable 

Benefits of Cotton Strap:

No matter your level of experience, a yoga strap (or belt) can be useful for your practice. They aid you in reaching difficult poses, and over time will help you increase your flexibility and alignment.


Encourage your legs to come to you by creating a pressure against the bottom of your feet in a seated forward bend (each hand grasping an end of the yoga belt strap, wrap around your feet and pull yourself toward your toes). Keeping the spine straight and back flat, you can improve your flexibility without sacrificing the alignment of the pose.


Use your durable cotton webbing strap to control your arms in a handstand, not letting them venture too far out when inverting upward. Making an adjustable circle with your strap, enclose the circle around the distance of your arms about an inch or two next to your ears. Prepare for a handstand, tightening the circle around your arms (above or below the elbows) and . . . GO! Enough times and your arms will remember the proper alignment. Buy yoga strap if you do not have one.


Give yourself the length you need when entering a difficult pose. With practice, your body will begin to adjust to your strap… allowing you to make tighter adjustments as needed.

In Dancer, as shown above, enclose the strap around your ankle and use the arm reaching back to pull the strap towards you, helping your leg slowly lift higher as well as  closer to your head. As you face forward, with your glance over your other straightened arm, your body will naturally relax into the pose, giving you the capability to soon perform this pose at your best without the use of a quality yoga strap.


  • Made of 100% Dense Cotton, yoga straps are easy to wash and reuse an infinite number of times. A cold water setting on your washing machine, or even soaking them in a bucket full of soapy water for a few days will get you the best results.
  • To dry your strap, you may be unable to resist the urge to simply throw it in the dryer with the rest of your stuff. Simply note, the strap is cotton and may shrink a bit in length or width.
  • The safest way to dry your yoga straps are to either hang them to dry on a hook or over a plastic hanger. If you have no method to hang, roll your strap into a coiled circle like the video above and lay flat to dry.

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